Midway Products

Assembly Operations

Midway is capable of performing a variety of welding processes, including resistance, robotic spot welding, projection welds, hard and flexible automated spot welds, robotic, hard and flexible automated, and manual welds. Additional applications include metal clinching, spin riveting, heat staking, bonding and flexible tooling. Midway runs computer-controlled tooling to ensure the highest levels of quality, efficiency, flexibility and safety, with capabilities including quick-change tooling, laser sensors, vision systems, Fiber laser cutting and pressure differential sensors.

Midway Products manufactures many automotive components, including the following:

  • Hinges and latches
  • Decklids
  • Door lift gates and hoods
  • Assemblies for sliding door tracks and rollers
  • Fuel tank straps
Robotic Resistance Welding Assembly

Robotic Resistance Welding Assembly

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